Paint your Room with Confidence

Paint Like  A Pro

Are your walls plain, bland, or too simple? All you need is a paint job. But the question is, what paint to get? Should you get someone to paint them for you? On a budget? Don’t worry. Read on and you will be able to paint your room with confidence. Let’s help you out.

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First things first, plan out and get well organized. The most this will take is one day tops. Small items need to be kept out of the room somewhere safe. Large bulky items that are too difficult to move can be placed in the center of the room and covered with cloth. Disconnect any electric equipment, like light bulbs, electric sockets and outlets, and etc. Cover your floor with something. A cloth and spreads will do fine. Plastic sheets will do great as well.

Now look for any damaged areas on the surface of the walls. Any crack and flakes need to be sealed with a primer and sealer. The kits available in the market come with instructions so you don’t need to worry about them. Just make sure that you thoroughly scrape and sand, and rinse the old flaky paint before putting on the primer and sealer. The next step is easy. Just clean the walls with a damp cloth thoroughly so that the paint sticks properly to the surface.

painterYou don’t need to be stingy on equipment. Good quality paint should always be used along with good quality equipment. Top quality paint, rollers, brushes and etc will save you the time and hassle of unnecessary drips and reapplication. If you don’t have a good quality equipment, it will surely use more paint than required. Avoid that. Read some reviews. Talk to the store personnel. Do thorough research on what equipment and what brand of paint to buy. Do not pinch your pocket here.

If your walls are textured, you will need rollers with thick naps. This is because a roller with a thick nap can reach into the texture and give good coverage of paint. But don’t go for a nap which is too thick. This will spread more paint than required and create a bulged texture on the wall which will look bad and will also flake and come off after a while. You need to talk to the store representative to find out how much paint will you require. Talk to him in detail so that you don’t have to make multiple trips to the store to buy more paint. Unused cans can always be returned.

Now that you are set to do the job, start. You need to paint the ceiling first. Then start doing the walls. Start from the top and work your way down. This way you won’t have unnecessary spills and droplets forming on the walls and your walls will also stay clean because you won’t be touching them once they’re done. Let the brushes and rollers do the work for you. You don’t need to dip them in too much paint. Start with light dips and make adjustments. A good roller and brush will not require much effort. Use these tips to paint your room with confidence and if you need help, the store expert will always guide you properly.

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