Month: October 2017

Dealing With Window Condensation

Window Condensation

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Window condensation is a downright irritating problem that can happen in our kitchens, bathroom or at the nursery. If not attended to, it can damage your house causing mold growth, wallpaper peeling and damp patches on the wall. It can also lead to breathing difficulties and other serious health issues. Therefore, it is very important to control window condensation without ignorance. Well, you may not bother to know about the scientific causes of condensation but it is good we look at a few.…

5 Pro Tips For Building A Retaining Wall

retaining wall

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As someone who has over 10 years experience in both residential and commercial landscaping, I have very few tricks in my toolkit that help enhance curb appeal as much as a well built retaining wall. They seem so easy, too! Dig back some soil, put some blocks in place, and voila – there it is, right? Well, I have a few pro tips for building a retaining wall that will come in handy for your next project. Sit back, grab a sketch pad and some paper, and take some notes.…