Insufficient Cooling From Your Home Air Conditioning

Time To Call For Service

When you live in a city or town that is located in a hot region, your home requires air conditioning for most of the time during the year. But if you are feeling hot or notice the AC is not performing well enough then it is time to take it seriously. Here are 8 reasons your home’s AC isn’t keeping you cool enough.

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Your AC Maintenance

If your usage of AC is very regular then it requires a preventative maintenance every few months or depending on the usage hours. There are chances that you have missed your maintenance schedule. So it is the right time to call the experts to come and have a look at it. There are certain problems that can be diagnosed only by an expert maintenance company. So do not hesitate to get the service and cleaning done.

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Leak In AC Ducts

This is one of the most common reasons why AC doesn’t work at optimum levels. A tiny leak in the ducts can result in heavy loss of energy as well as temperature. The leaks can occur due to poor installation of ducts or it could be due to the collection of debris inside. There might also be an accidental physical damage to the duct.


Air Gaps In Your Room

Proper insulation inside your home is an important factor for ACs to work to their maximum capacity. Even a tiny air gap can make the cooling ineffective. These gaps are common to occur near the doors and windows of your home. A simple error of not closing your doors and windows properly can be the reason too.


End Of Life Of The AC Unit

Every HVAC system has a life and it depends on your usage. If it has been like ten years or more with your regular usage, it is a good idea to replace it with a new one. Some systems are too old for repairs and it is best to get it checked by an expert once for the opinion.


Debris In The Outdoor Unit

Outdoor units are more likely to attract dust and dirt very frequently. It requires the basic cleaning once every few days. If you sense any problem with the cooling, you are smart of you to check the outdoor unit once.


Capacity Of Your AC

You need to check the cooling capacity of your AC in terms of the size of your home. There are chances that you have picked a smaller capacity AC for your big home. So check with the experts to find out if that is the case.


Thermostat Settings

Usually, when there is a power failure, the AC resets itself and your preferred settings may not be in place. So check the settings and make sure the cool or auto mode is turned on. A genuine problem with the thermostat can result in improper cooling too.


Power Supply

Sometimes. the problem is not with the AC at all. A weak power source or error in the internal wiring in the switchboard where you have connected the AC can be a reason too. Chances are that there is a fluctuation in the power that is driving your AC to reset very frequently. This can impact the cooling of your home.

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