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Fill Your Toolbox

This is my list of indispensable tools every homeowner should own. It covers all the basic to somewhat advanced tools that you will need for most DIY and home improvement projects. You don’t need to go out and buy all of these tools right now. However, when you get to a project where you need any of these tools, you can rest assured, that purchasing any of this essential tool for your home, will be an investment that will pay off, time and time again.

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1.  Crescent wrench- There is a number of types of bolts and fittings that need many sizes of wrenches. Having one crescent wrench can save you a great deal. Although there are some instances where a crescent wrench will not hold tight enough to break free a bolt or fitting. For most other instances, they are exactly what you’ll need.


2.  Channel locks- Now, there are also times when you may have a rounded bolt, or maybe a fitting you don’t need to torque down crazy tight. That is where the channel lock pliers come in. They grip tightly with their teeth backward facing and with various size options they are an essential tool for the home.

3.  Vice grips- Also, another very versatile tool. You can use vice grips to pinch together metal for a weld or grip a stripped out the bolt, tight enough, to be able to usually remove it. Vice grips come in many different sizes

4.  Needle nose pliers- Sometimes, you will not be able to get a big pair of pliers in an area where you will need the gripping power of one. From reaching into tight places with the tight grip of a pair of pliers to its own small cutter toward the base of the working end, you’ll want to have these in your set.

5.  Speed square- This tool may not be as large or as versatile as the framing square, but its uses are helpful in many situations. If you need to make many cuts quickly, on 2×8 materials or smaller, you can work much faster with the speed square. You can just slap it up on the board and the build in fence allows you to only worry about making sure it’s tight and your line is drawn where you have made your measured mark.

6.  Assorted driver tips- Being a homeowner or professional alike, it’s not always as simple as a flat or hex head screw. Many times, they require star bits and Allen keys. Sometimes screws are square or have a slot for a triangle. This is when an assortment of driver tips, in combination with a multi-driver, comes in perfectly.

7.  Allen Wrenches- From furniture to small electronics, various sizes of Allen Wrenches are another essential tool for the home. Make sure you pick up metric and standard sizes. It can be hard to determine until you start trying different sizes, whether or not the size you need is one or the other.

8.  Caulking gun- Maybe you need to finish a job off with clean lines of caulking. Maybe you need to use construction adhesive on an application. Or, maybe you need to seal something off. You’re going to need a caulking gun to apply various types of sealant and adhesives.

9.  Cordless power drill- Last, but certainly not the least! I know, I know, this isn’t a simple hand tool, like the rest listed. But, that doesn’t take away from its basic necessity around the house. From drilling holes to slapping in a driver bit for quickly securing and removing screws, a cordless power drill can save you time, energy, trouble and frustration with the pull of a trigger.

cordless drill

10.  An assortment of Drill Bits- Many projects and home improvements will require drilling and predrill for screws. Get yourself one set of bits, and as long as you are careful and use them correctly, you’ll have them for years to come.

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