Selecting The Ideal Lot For Your New Home

Choosing the best lot for your new home proves to be a daunting task yet is so crucial in the process of construction of a beautiful home. It directly affects factors such as costs, design, and general comfortability.

The lot should, therefore, be ideally located and on a piece, that is easy to build upon. Below are a few things that should be considered while choosing a suitable lot.

Size and Shape of the Lot

The size should be adequate to accommodate the dream house while leaving enough left over room for a nice yard. It should consider livability and provide for a beautiful scenery of both artificial and natural environments. The shape should also be in accordance with the desired style of the future home. The prospect may get dimensions of the home to help in the prediction of its footprint on the plot. The builders can also give an insight on how it will be placed to give a more vivid idea.

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Physical condition and Topography

How do the physical features like rocks and trees affect the developing cost? Which soil type is present in the lot? How much do you know about the soils on the potential site from varieties of loose sand to the solid rock? This is essential to avoid surprises or disappointments likely to be found under the turf. The slope of the land is also a grave concern. A house built on a slope is estimated to cost more than that built on flat terrain.
Nevertheless, it depends on personal views, some people want to take advantage of the unique views that are better angled from top or bottom of the slope. This can also be an easy and exciting way to increase space by including a basement on the steep end which translates to relatively lower costs.
Sewer and Water

In case the lot is not within range to access city water, it is essential to determine the depth of the wells in the area and possibilities of your own water treatment systems. Similarly, if there is no readily available sewerage system, find out the kind of septic systems that will be most appropriate to use.


It does not matter how big our dreams are, they will remain dreams until we can dig deep enough into our pockets. Select a plot of land that is worth your money, within a suitable location but does not overstretch your finances. There will be additional costs in building in certain locations. Engage an expert and estimate the costs, they often know when you are getting a good lot for a fair price.
Personal Preferences

new homeAbove all the points identified, the lot should satisfy your utmost wants and need. The selected lot should give you a sense of fulfillment. Do you want a peaceful and serene environment? Is the location prone to traffic and noise? How close is the lot to primary social amenities? How quick can you access emergency services like firefighters and ambulances? Visit the neighborhood and evaluate it firsthand. Scrutinize the surrounding areas, find out the viability of the area for business growth. Take time and research on these things.


In a nutshell, a custom-built household is a personal investment that will last for decades, one should take time to reflect on all advantages and disadvantages that accrue to every decision they settle for. It is important to build a home in the right setting that will make you and your whole family happy and content in the years ahead. Explore the varieties available in the market until you settle for the lot that feels perfect for you.

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