Tips To Save On Your Energy Costs By Renovating Your Attic

Energy Saving Tips

Attic renovation, just like basement lowering or underpinning is oftentimes seen as a means to maximize available space to create more room for comfort. Most folks forget and overlook the fact that aside from creating ample space and comfort, attic renovation can also help to save and cut down on the overall energy costs. Now you will ask how right? Relax, you’ll soon find out the ways and tips by which you can save on energy costs by renovating your attic.

3 Tips to Save On Your Energy Costs by Renovating Your Attic

Insulate Your Attic
InsulationNow, an average home spends around 50% of its overall energy costs on heating and cooling, yeah, you heard that right. Again, an approximate value of 40% of this energy loss in homes occurs from the roof which brings us to our point of discussion. Insulating the attic, by a wide margin, is the most cost-effective way of reducing energy loss from the roof which happens to be the major culprit in the loss of energy in the average home.

An attic that is properly insulated would normally reduce the overall cost of heating and cooling by around 30% to 60%, you have no doubt that that is significant, do you?

Insulation must be properly installed, along with the attic ceiling, along with the walls, and then along the floor, totally sealing the attic from the lower living areas. You should also make sure not to leave spaces around insulation, this is to restrict the free flow of air around the insulation to allow it function at its optimum.

Now you see, aside from turning the attic into a usable space, and increasing the value of your home in the process, proper insulation will help to keep your energy costs low. Keeping your home warm during winter and keeping it cool during summer, proper attic insulation would no doubt have a significant impact in reducing your energy costs as far as heating and air conditioning is concerned.

Upgrade Out-dated High Energy Appliances
One of the general ways you can reduce energy consumption is to replace obsolete, high energy consumption gadgets with modern, energy star rated ones with a lower appetite for energy consumption. One of such ways you can apply this, as regards renovating your attic to save on your energy costs is to use an attic fan.
An attic fan is specially made for the attic, to exhaust hot air and disperse cool air inside the home. In most cases, a good attic fan would work nicely to help reduce the cost of energy that would have been spent on air conditioning. The attic fan would help in regulating the temperature of the attic, which in turn will impact the temperature of the lower living area, thereby cutting a significant chunk from the total energy cost.

Seal Duct Works in the Attic
Remember when we talked about leaving spaces around insulation? Same applies to duct works. Ductworks are often seen in older homes, intended for ventilation purposes. But when renovating the attic to minimize energy costs, they need to be sealed to conserve heat within the house. An attic with a ductwork, even with adequate insulation may still encounter some problems with air flow. Hence, it is necessary, that attics with duct works be sealed.

A lot can be said about attic renovations, cutting down energy costs is one of those very important ones. The tips above, if followed properly when renovating your attic, would help to reduce the cost of heating and cooling the home, which forms a significant portion of our average daily energy consumption.


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